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Test Baby! Your number one source for weird, wacky dollar store products

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13th May 2005

nyxalinth3:52pm: Website of the week

Waging a holy war against Bad Candy and the people who make it. Either you stand with us, against us, or somewhere completely unrelated to us.

That pretty much sums it up! On this site, these brave boys go where most of us dare not: into the realm of truly disgusting candy and sweets that not even the biggest sweet tooth would touch with a ten foot pole.

If anyone here--I might even do it myself--is courageous enough to try some of the products for themselves, write it up, and I'll post it here.

Here's an excerpt:

So we've established that, when you think about it too much, drinking milk is sorta weird. But we're The Ultimate Bad Candy Web Site, and we like to take things a step further than most. Ben and I began to wonder what we could do to turn milk into a disgusting, yet reviewable snack. And as usual, we found the answer at our local bargain mart. It called to us from the across the aisles of plastic, disposable trinkets, beckoning to us with its siren call. "What if your milk was fizzy?" it asked us. Or more specifically, "What if your milk was fizzy, blue, had a two inch-thick foam head, and tasted like salty fruit?"

Go and read more, if you dare!

If this gets a big enough reaction, I'll be posting more insanity in the weeks to come. I said 'come', I'm cool...
nyxalinth3:46pm: Having tested Test Baby...
The results are in!

Test Baby worked pretty darned well. It smelled nice, didn't make me itch, and it got my clothes clean.

My only issue with it was how it clumped horribly. Apparently in Turkey, they don't add stuff to keep the soap powder from clumping. So it came out of the box in these huge, white chunks, forcing me to first run hot water to make sure it dissolved. Trust me on this: it's even worse at dissolving than most soap out there. I'm lucky I didn't end up with big, white smudges on my clothes.

But overall, it worked pretty well. I'm almost sorry that it worked, because it would have been funnier if it had sucked.

harleen and I still haven't gotten the box scanned yet, but we will, one day.

Coming up next: Fun Cheez! Yes, you read that right.

4th May 2005

harleen10:11pm: new community icon!
here it is:

it cracks me up laughing every time I look at it...!

anyway...I am the other mod here, and wanted to say hello. if you know anyone who may be interested in joining us...send them here!
Current Mood: creative
nyxalinth4:34pm: First Post
So by now you're wondering: WTF is Test Baby? harleen and I were too silly at the local dollar store today.

I saw a product brand called 'Test', apparently out of Turkey, that makes household products like dish soap, laundry detergent, etc. One of the items was a baby detergent, like Ivory Snow, but it was called 'Test Baby'. Well, not really, but it looked like it. Anyway, I couldn't stop laughing over this, and it got harleen going, too.

So it occured to us that there's a lot of products out there in the dollar stores, strange and otherwise, with goofy packaging and even goofier names.

So, what we want to do is buy a product that catches our eye, scan the packaging (whenever possible), and write a little review. Hopefully, Test Baby the product won't give me a rash, and the Test Baby community won't give anyone else a rash, either.

Join us, won't you?

Oh, and if you're wondering, visit http://www.pamcorporation.com/Web/home.php and do a search for test baby. Unfortunately, there's no picture available. Bastards.

Be sure and look at the 'Baby and Toodler' and 'Healt and Beauty', and 'Snacks and Crakers'. I only wish I were making this up.
Current Mood: accomplished
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